Innovations from WAR!!!

As part of our unit looking at the history of innovation and how new ideas have helped us to solve problems that change our lives, we are next looking at how war has led to innovation.

Wars often stimulate innovation.

These articles shed light on some innovations that came from times of war that we use in our everyday lives today. You’ll notice that some of these were invented by accident, so the initial purpose of the innovation was very different to how we use these today.

Read through the articles and record your ideas in the organiser provided by your teacher. Focus on the innovations that most interest you. This information will help form the basis of your Innovation project later this term.


The below article has some excellent information, but is an example of a piece of writing that is difficult for the audience to quickly find information. Can you tell us how it could be improved to become easier for the reader?

Technology Monday

Welcome to Technology Monday. We have three groups of activities for you to complete. You will cycle through the groups throughout the day.

Here’s how it works:

Choose and complete 2 x Activities from Group 1


1 x Activity from Group 2


1 x Activity from Group 3


Start again at Group 1 and follow the same procedure.

Groups and activities are below



WISHBALL: Play Wishball for 20 minutes. Record your best score.

2048: Try to crack 2048

HERALD-SUN KIDS: Read 4 articles that interest you on the Herald-Sun Kids website. You can even watch the embedded videos. For each, write 4 facts that were presented in the article.

LEMUR VIDEO: Watch the video and list 4 facts about lemurs. Then write a description that explains what it looks like to see lemurs move around.

NATIONAL GEOG. ANIMAL QUIZ: Complete the quiz. Record your score on the whiteboard

CONNECT FOUR: Play at least three games



CODING: Learn some basic coding skills

BINARY NUMBERS GAME: Have a go at this tricky game. See if you can work it out.

ABC iVIEW: Watch an episode of ‘Where In The World?’ on ABC iView and write a summary in less than 60 words

DESIGN AN APP: Come up with an idea for an App. Type up an outline of what the app will do, who will use it, what it will look like.

MATHLETICS Complete 5 tasks then do 10 minutes of Live Mathletics, trying to login at the same time as others in the class.

SCRATCH: Explore this coding app for at least 20 minutes


Group 3


iMOVIE TRAILER: Set the timer on your iPad for 40 minutes and make a movie trailer. No more than 3 in a group.

TYPING CLUB: 20 minutes of typing practise



FREE DRAWING / PAINTING: Use an iPad or a computer

Week 3 Homework

Hello 5/6 Parents,

It’s hard to believe that the third week of term has just drawn to a close. Week four sees NAPLAN on our doorstep, and as such, we have a different week of learning planned for our students, with a focus on our Inquiry unit of Entrepreneurship. Just a reminder that Monday afternoon is the Colour Fun Run, so students need to come to school in the clothing that may be “coloured”. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Kind Regards,

Steph Krueger & Andy Moore


Learning Completed This Week

  • Reading: Analysing and synthesizing non-fiction texts
  • Writing: Narrative and Persuasive writing with a focus on Sentence Fluency and Writer’s Voice
  • Maths: PONT Groups – Money

Looking Forward to Next Week

  • Inquiry: Our Earn & Learn unit will ramp up to daily sessions. Reading, Writing and Maths will be explored through the creation of a 5/6 economy.
  • Maths: Whilst Grade 5s complete their NAPLAN tests, Grade 6s will complete a Maths project incorporating the four operations, budgeting and mapping.

Upcoming Events

  • Mon 13 May – Colour Fun Run
  • Tues 14 May – NAPLAN tests begin
  • Wed 22 May – Curriculum Day
  • Thurs 23 May – District Cross-Country
  • Fri 31 May – Aussie Sports Expo Day

Notices due back

  • Aussie Sports Expo Day (compulsory)
  • District Cross-Country (optional)
  • Technology User Agreement (Students are unable to utilise technology in the classroom without returning this agreement)

These notices are attached to the weekly Friday email from BCPS. You can ask your child to pick up a hard copy from the office if that is easier


Weekly non-negotiables

Reading: 90min independent reading. Please enter reading into the log provided for the World Book Day Reading Challenge.

Mathletics: Complete ten assigned tasks. If your family does not have internet access, students are welcome to complete Mathletics in the classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:15am.

Typing: Log on to and complete 5 levels of typing practice.

Optional extras

Reading: Complete a Synthesizing Venn Diagram responding to the article about the alleged discovery of Yeti footprints. Remember the three sections of the venn diagram: Prior Knowledge (before reading), Information From Text (whilst reading) and New Thoughts or Opinions (After Reading – using the prompt, “At first I thought…, but now I think…” The article is found here